Platform Bird Feeders

Platform Bird Feeders will attract the greatest number of birds as well as the largest variety while accommodating any type of bird food or seed such as peanuts in or out of the shell, dried fruit, and meal worms. Some suggested seed includes Safflower Seed, Black Oil Sunflower Seed or a mixed nut base combo.

To attract ground feeding birds like doves, platform feeders can be placed directly on the ground, but this will also invite predators and other hungry animals. Feeders can also be hung from a tree or shepherds hook, or mounted to a post or pole.

You can have your pick from several different kinds of material, all of which are durable. Platform Feeders are usually made from Recycled Aluminum, Acrylic or Cedar, but can also be made in many other wood materials or plastics. Please be sure to keep feeders clean so that the food does not get contaminated in the feeder. Platform bird feeders are one of the easiest feeders to maintain.

Platform Feeders work wonderfully for attracting the birds that feed from the ground. Keep your feeder full and enjoy the many bird visitors you will feed on a daily basis. Using multiple platform feeders or even combining different types of feeders will result in an even greater variety of birds. Add a tube feeder or suet feeder and enjoy your new visitors.

What's your favorite bird feeder?