Decorative Bird Feeders

Decorative Bird Houses

Decorative Bird Feeders combine function with style. Enjoy watching birds flock and feed with creative designs ranging from carriages to large 18" high pagodas. Birds need as much help getting food as possible, especially during cold or rainy seasons.

A decorative feeder is fully functional and makes a great gift. For those who find garden decor extremely important, decorative bird feeders add whimsical fun and artistic touches to landscapes, trees, and bare walls. Enjoy watching birds as they pay a visit to your feeder, socializing and filling up for their day of fun and flight.

Decorative feeders can often be filled with the most popular and common bird seed, which is black oil sunflower seed. Some decorative bird feeders are specifically designed for suet cakes, or for use as platform feeders. Choose a feeder that has etching in the top and base, or go high class with a feeder designed to resemble a castle or house. Keep in mind that all feeders need to be cleaned, and some will be easier than others. Choose what will work best for the time you have to spend. Maintaining a clean feeder is essential to the health of the birds who visit. Most decorative feeders should be as easy to clean as a standard tube feeder, but some may pose obstacles such as fencing, lamp posts, amd small niches that require detailed efforts.

Decorative bird feeders range greatly in size to fit any space you have in mind or feed the amount of birds you'd like as well. If you are busy and can't get outside much to refill feeders, than you might want to consider a large bird feeder that will not only feed more birds at once, but will stay full longer. If you don't mind getting out every day or two and like to spread out the bird feeding frenzy, a couple of small bird feeders will suit you perfectly.

What's your favorite bird feeder?