Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are beautifully designed and offer a sense of peace when they are hung near. We believe everyone should have at least a single bird feeder up at all times. Bird feeders are available for all climates, birds, and lifestyles. More popular versions are decorative bird feeders to display around the yard, nyjer tube feeders for attracting specific species of birds, and squirrel proof bird feeders. Bird feeders need to remain outdoors all year to help feed and sustain birds who have not flown south for the winter. Platform feeders with shelters are wonderful for both hot and cold weather, protecting birds and food from sun and snow.

Many bird lovers choose to start small with simple, easy to clean bird feeder. Once a bird population has begun to form and regular visitors stop by to snack, it is time to upgrade to a larger feeder.

Bird feeders need to be kept sanitary to prevent the spread of disease to birds. Hang feeders low enough that they can be easily reached for cleaning and refilling. Keep bird feeders in places of shelter from weather extremes, such as strong gusts of wind or heavy rainfall, and out of view from possible predators such as cats or hawks. Evergreens make great shelter for birds, so adding a bird feeder close to an Evergreen is optimal.

A very important bird fact is that approximately 100 million birds die annually in the USA from window crashes. Bird feeders that are placed close to a building should be no more than 3 feet from windows. Birds will reach top speed quickly when taking off from feeders, and they can not see more than their reflections from outdoors. If you want to place a feeder close to your home but farther than 3 feet from windows, a window covering is recommended, such as a mural.


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